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The paint department is excited to announce the introduction of DeWalt extendable ladder upto 32ft into our planogram. This is a retail exclusive that will allow you to have improved profitability while offering your customers ladders with great features and benefits. Suggested retails have been adjusted to make everyday pricing equal to or better than the competition. We believe this is a compelling assortment mix. Here are some of the new products now available:


  • Our aluminum step ladders will remain under the Louisville® brand. This is a well-respected brand in the climbing industry, and True Value® is pleased to continue to partner with them and use the Louisville name.
  • The popular 20-in. Work Platform by Tricam® has been added to the planogram. This is a very productive SKU, and it will continue to be a staple item in the mix going forward.


  • The fiberglass step and extension ladders segment will transition from Louisville to DeWalt (which is produced by Louisville). Our Type II, I, IA and IAA fiberglass ladders will now carry the DeWalt brand.
  • The Type II ladders will now carry the new brand at the same pricing as the Louisville ladders they will replace, but with the legendary DeWalt construction. These will be priced at or below comparable items you would see in a big-box store.
  • Our Type I, IA and IAA ladders have key features that separate them from the competitor’s products at a competitive price:
  • 25% greater step surface for comfort
  • Double riveted steps for stability
  • Heavy-duty boots with maximum slip-resistant surface
  • Wrap around internal spreaders for strength and durability on IA and IAA models
  • Based on demand, Louisville fiberglass models will still be available in the warehouse. Costs have been adjusted so ladders will be priced slightly below the price charged by competitors. However, this change will not affect store margins.
  • We are also introducing an industry exclusive Type II Platform Ladder into the planogram assortment at a very reasonable price. These ladders have become popular due to their enhanced stability, large standing/working surface and security. Our standing platform is 7-times larger than a traditional ladder step.


To determine a ladder’s quality, consumers evaluate features and benefits related to security and construction, climbing and standing as well as brand. In categories of low purchase frequency, consumers turn to recognized brands. This presented an opportunity in the fiberglass ladder segment that we have addressed with the DeWalt products. Consumers that are inclined to buy fiberglass ladders, such as contractors, heavy DIYers, and construction or general maintenance workers, will recognize the value of the DeWalt brand and its additional features.