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Kohler Bathtubs

Bathtubs are many things a place to wash up, a spot to relax, and the location of the nightly kid-cleaning ritual. Everyone uses it differently, and thankfully there are a variety of options available clawfoot tub, jetted tub, freestanding tub, corner tub or soaking tub to fit all unique needs.

What types of bathtub materials should I consider?

Once again, this is dictated by your style and use. If you’re going for look more than comfort and use, consider cultured marble, which is sleek and stylish yet may be brittle and scratch easily. If you plan to soak for hours, enameled cast iron might be your fit; it’s heavy, but durable, solid and retains heat well.

What other considerations might I want to think about for tubs?

Make sure it’s comfortable by lying down in the tub before you buy it. In addition, check your water heater to ensure it can generate enough hot water to fill the size of your selected tub. Is there someone in the household who is elderly or handicapped? Be sure your tub is ADA compliant so they can use it with ease.